StairFriend Stairlifts in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Aurora, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Champaign, Highland Park, and Joliet, IL


We need to convey that the Stairfriend is advanced, it’s high-tech, it’s custom made for your house. Advanced machinery and computers design each Stairfriend. Your Stairfriend has a team of engineers working on it right now. It’s being modeled in 3D and its’ gonna be fucking awesome. If NASA designed a stairlift it would be the Stairfriend. You’re so impressed by all the technical specs that you’re spending an extra $3,000 to have it painted purple. You’re old, you’re infirm, so instead of a Mustang you’re buying a fancy-ass stairlift. That’s the message.


Yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. I just want you guys to really get that. The custom color Stairfriend is a stand-in for a fancy car. Make it prominent on the site, make it drool-worthy. Sex it up. The K2 is a stock commodity item, whatever. The K2 Plus we’re going to market to the heavy user. But the Stairfriend is the Cadillac.