How Stairlifts For The Disabled Work

If you’re shopping for a stairlift, you may be asking how do stairlifts for the disabled work? How are they powered? How much electricity do they consume? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article all of these questions are answered.

A Basic Understanding Of How Stairlifts For The Disabled Work

A stair lift works by following a track that is installed along the edge of the stairway. The motor that powers the stairlift is located underneath the seat. This motor consists of a large gear that when operating, moves the chair in one direction. When the motor is reversed, the gear will propel the chair in the opposite direction.

The speed of the stair lift will be controlled by a transmission, which slows the motor down so that it does not make the stairlift move too dangerously fast up or down the stairs.

Power Supply Of A Stairlift

There are two ways in which a stairlift can be powered. The first, most common way is to have a battery-powered stairlift that powers the motor. When the chair lift is not in use, the battery is charged automatically at a charging station either under the track or at one end of the stairlift track. The battery charging station must have a nearby power supply.

When a battery-powered stair chair is installed in your home, it will require an outlet either at the top or the bottom of the stairs. If there is no outlet available, then an outlet would need to be made a part of the installation.

Other types of stairlifts are powered directly by electricity only. They have no battery, but continuously receive an electric current that powers the motor. These types of stairlifts typically must have a dedicated circuit for the electrical, they may not simply be “plugged in” to the wall. This is because they can draw a lot of electricity all at once.

One benefit of owning a battery-powered stairlift is that if the electricity goes out in the home, you will still be able to use it.

Either way, the stairlift will require that some thought be given to the power source.

How Much Will My Electric Bill Increase From The Stair Lift?

While that is hard to say exactly how much it will cost, it generally does not cost much more than operating a VCR or DVD player.  A lot depends on the length of the stairlift and the weight of the person riding in it.

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